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Khyunglung Ngulkhar
We spent the 3rd weekend in Advent with Karin and Bhavana.  Our cozy round was completed by Heike with Chintamani and Ekki.
Saturday afternoon started with romping in the garden, for the dogs of course, and drinking coffee with homemade christmas cakes and cookies, for us.
We ended the evening with a Feuerzangenbowle.(very special Punsch)
The next day we went to the beach.  It was a nice walk with sunshine and a light Baltic breeze.  Everyone enjoyed it, especially our dogs.
Many thanks to Karin for the great idea with the Advent meeting.
Advent weekend at the exhibition in Kassel
December 21, 2019 11:22 AM
On Saturday we were lucky enough to be judged by a very competent Finnish judge. He preferded the original typ of Do Khyi.
Ecki triumphed with exc.1, youth CAC, best male and BOS.
Hridaya received V1, youth CAC, youth BOB, best bitch and the BOB.
Fravash didn't really feel the seriously of the situation and received v.g. 1.
Dhangadi got at her first exhibition in the veteran class V1, veteran CAC and veterans BOB.

On Sunday we welcomed Chinthamani in the show ring, who has started in the champion class.
Chintamani shone with V1, CAC, CACIB and BOS.
Ecki received V2, res. youth CAC.
Fravash presented itself excellently this time but got a v.g.1 again, because he is still to childish due to age ?? (That is really amazing in the youth class, isn't it?)
Hridaya got V1, youth CAC.
Dhangadi got V1, Veteran CAC, Veterans BOB.
Dhangadi and Hridaya were unfortunately not able to take part in the best bitch competition, since the judging was already going on, when I went to the edge of the ring to  change the dogs.

At the end of the weekend the "KTR-Santa" surprised all of us with nice Christmas parcels for people and dogs. 
Thank you very much for this lovely attention.

Canadian Summer in Switzerland
December 16, 2019 6:52 PM

Our way led us through Karlsruhe, where we successfully participated in the exhibition with Hridaya and Fravash, to our friends in Switzerland.
We spent together with Irene, Cinthana and their other four-legged friends some wonderful autumn days.
Our way back home led us to Oer Erkenschwiek. On Saturday there was held the annual meeting of KTR and on sunday a breeding exhamination.  
We also had a nice weekend there with some dogs of our offspring and their owners.
At a small family-meeting we were looking forward to seeing Bimala Chandrani, Enaya, Elavarasi, Chintamani, Ekram Mani and Byarava Yongshi again.  Yoshi successfully got his breeding license on Sunday.  He received a great judge report and can now call himself a breeding Do Khyi male.
So again a successful week with very good friends.

Album Schweiz
Eventful weekends
October 2, 2019 4:17 PM
A Sunday trip to Deer & Co. caused excitement among our youngest.  We went with Hridaya and Fravash to the animal and leisure park Germendorf.

Both were a bit irritated that the deer walked over  the fence on use the same path as you did. And what kind of strange animals there are with long necks and such big eyes.

Hridaya and Fravash mastered the challenges superbly, only with the fox lying on a tree stump, bored in its enclosure, they couldn't really make friends.

The following weekend was more relaxed. We visited the Herzberger, Dayaal and Falisha.  Another successful weekend with wonderful weather again.  Dogs played extensively and raged.  Dayaal, who is usually occupied by Falisha, was able to recover a little, because this time Falisha had to defends against the game attacks by Fravash and Hridaya.

Meanwhile, we sat comfortably over coffee, cake and grilled sausage in the sun.