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Khyunglung Ngulkhar
The second valley of tears!
March 29, 2019 7:12 PM

The little puppies from the E-litter still have to train their bipeds to send us pictures. In these pictures one sees to our joy that all puppies feel realy good. We can see at Hridaya here at home how rapidly development is progressing.
By speaking of development, the little ones from the F-litter are now already so big that the moves to their new home will be discussed. The names have been found, papers are being prepared, and thus the second valley of tears is finally approaching this year.
The old ones somehow notice it too. All three dogs keep an eye on not having more puppies disappear. This is especially amazing at Bandhura. She does not appreciate being disturbed while sleeping in her favorite places. The babies, however, sleep snuggled deep in their fur, behind her, above her, and her grandma enjoys this. But it's a tough grandma. Those who do not behave, hear a very deep groaning and instantly becomes a polite puppy who can not tarnish any water.
Now it's time to enjoy the rest of the time and just not remember that ... ...

E Wurf

F Wurf