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Khyunglung Ngulkhar
Slovenian wedding
August 23, 2019 8:37 PM
This time there was a special occasion for the holiday. We were invited to the wedding. So it was said, all of us going to the party. 
The camper is just still big enough for our travel company, because Apukhewa came with us, after his mediation in a new home, unfortunately, has not yet worked out. Luckily, our initial skepticism was soon replaced by the certainty that everyone could tolerate it despite the narrowness. 
Celje received us with great summer heat. Fortunately, the wedding took place in Miklavs, so that the dogs could lie in the open spout on the motorhome, in the shadow of the forest.
We had a great wedding party with Mojca and David. Then we spent some nice days with our friends. 
After that we fled from the heat to the valley of the Kamniška Bystrica. Mariam received us with joy. After long time waiting for, we had cold clear mountain water for cooling. The dogs did not want to leave the river again. 
When Besirka and Stjepan visited us, Farhana enjoyed the cool water and the exuberant play with Fravash and Hridaya too. 
The motorhome full with vegetables and vine from Stjepans garden, we went to the next place, up to the Rogla. Up there we had 16°C also very pleasant temperatures to go for a walk. However, it is also a small challenge to walk through nature with 7 dogs. Especially crossing a pasture full of cows! But all of us had a lot of fun. Thanks to the extensive terrain, the dogs were able to walk without leashes, run and romp to exhaustion.  
Oops, the beautiful days were over and we drove back to take part in the show in Hude. There we spent a nice time with Yoshi and his people. Yoshi did his job very well again and Hridaya presented herself great in the ring and became best young dog. 
Then we went home again. When the motorhome was cleared, just Aphukhewa was laying down in it and did not want to get off. If it had gone after his mind, we could have started again. He was not alone with that opinion.