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Khyunglung Ngulkhar
The Dog presented on this page is not part of our kennel.

Kabita Angi-Ki ♂

Angi-Ki lives, or better, perched above the rooftops of the city of Celje in Slovenia. Far goes the view from his favorite spot about the mountains and forests of his homeland. Perhaps this is the secret for its dignified serenity that is so characteristic of him. With Tibetan composure he meets friendly all animal and human guests of the house. Its appearance and its size according to our notions of the Tibetan Mastiff. Thus we see him as an ideal partner for our Bandhura. 

Youth Champion: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria  Champion: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, International Champion, BIG 1 Celje 2010, BIG 2 Graz 2012, BIS 1 Clubshow Barje 2012 

Kennel Kabita                                        


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March 2, 2008
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